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The three Navajo Code Talkers continuing to tell the story. 
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The Navajo Code Talkers Museum is the official Navajo Code Talkers museum representing the Navajo Code Talkers and their descendants. The world-class museum will inspire and educate our youth and future generations. We commit to justice, equality, and world peace.  

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The Vision - a museum that:

• Provides clear and consistent communication of the history and language of the Navajo Code Talkers.

• Tells the story of the role of the Navajo Code Talkers in the successful outcome of WWII.

• Presents the development & deployment of the once-secret Navajo code used by the USMC in the Pacific theatre.

• Provides a forum for preserving the Navajo language and culture.

• Builds character and pride as well as a sense of renewal and solace for all who visit and participate in its program. 

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A veterans center that:

• Provides a place for veterans of armed services to meet and visit one another in an inviting and comforting atmosphere.

• Provides a wide range of integrated services and resources for veterans of armed services and their families.

• Provides opportunities and supports veterans to enhance their spiritual, emotional, financial, and social well-being.

• Honors, respects, and celebrates their service. 

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Navajo Code Talkers Gallery

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