Mobile Vet Center supports Navajo Veterans

National Navajo Code Talkers Day on August 14th, 2022, was the first in the past few years based on the pandemic. The event proved to be a big success with over 800 attendees - but one surprise was the overwhelming number of Navajo veterans that visited the Vet Center.

Over 350 Navajo veterans had a chance to visit the onsite Mobile Vet Centers (MVC). The Navajo Nation is located over 27,000 square miles creating a challenge for veterans to access their VA services.

Peter MacDonald Sr. explained, "National Navajo Code Talkers Day is more than celebrating the Unbroken Code, but more, to ensure our Navajo veterans & families are cared for with the services they have earned.

The 83 Mobile Vet Centers (MVC) are large mobile vehicles with space for confidential counseling. They are used to reach eligible individuals in communities that are distant from existing services. MVCs can access records through an encrypted connection. With this capability, MVCs are often called upon to support the VA's essential mission of providing emergency services in response to national emergencies and disasters.

Today, we have three remaining Navajo Code Talkers: Thomas H. Begay, John Kinsel Sr., and Peter MacDonald Sr. As the nation mourned for Samuel F. Sandoval on July 29, 2022, he was the vice president of the non-profit Navajo Code Talkers Museum, Inc. His vision was to see the Navajo Code Talkers museum open its doors to the world.

The active museum will be there for centuries, teaching all that our diverse communities are a blessing to maintaining our precious freedom, liberty, and peace. Anyway, something to that effect (Peter MacDonald Sr.)

For information about the Navajo Code Talkers Museum visit, or email

The Navajo Code Talkers museum needs your support through donations, partners, and corporate sponsors. Proceeds from the sale of the limited Navajo Code Talkers Challenge Coin go toward the museum funding.

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