NCTM Trademark Licensing Program


  Why Have A Licensing Program?

  What Qualifies As A Trademark?

  What Products Can Be Licensed?

  Who Needs A License?

  What If I Do Not Get A License?

  Where can I find the contact info for the NCTM Trademark Licensing Offices?

 Can Navajo Code Talkers Decendents Sell Products Using The NCTM Marks As A Fundraiser?

 May I incorporate the NCTM and/or the initials NCTM into my logo, or otherwise make NCTM insignia a significant part of my branding efforts?

Is it permissible for military or Navajo support groups or social clubs to use NCTM Trademarks as part of its branding, name, clothing, and outreach? For example, if a fitness group, amateur athletic team, book club, neighborhood watch group or other club, were to name itself "NCTM Marathoners" or "NCTM Golfers," and prominently wear NCTM or NCT emblems on their "official apparel," would this be OK, even if the group is not selling merchandise?


My company would like to market our products/services to members of the USMC and/or U.S. military.  Is it appropriate to use NCTM or NCT emblems, slogans, insignia, or other marks within our marketing efforts and/or to show UCMT in uniform as a means of “connecting” to our target audience?


I'm making a film where I will use authentic NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers uniforms, images, or video footage. Do I need permission?

What if I used a disclaimer?'

What about using "NCTM," the Emblem, or any other NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers indicia on an advertisement or website?

 Who is responsible for the program?

 How Can I Obtain A Trademark License Application?

 How Long Until I Receive A Determination On My Application?


Who Is Licensed With The Navajo Code Talkers Museum, Inc.?

 May NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers insignia be used without permission under the concept of ‘Fair Use?'

 Do Navajo Code Talkers or dependents need permission to have NCTM or Navajo Code Talker marks on their grave markers?

Can I create and sell products directly to Navajo Nation members using the Navajo Code Talkers or Museum name, or logo without a license agreement?

Is it difficult to obtain a license agreement?

I am a small business owner, can I still get licensed to sell NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers products or is licensing for the big guys only?

I'm running for political office and am a decendent. Can I use NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers trademarks on my campaign materials?

 Can non-Federal colleges, universities, and other learning institutions use NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers trademarks to promote and advertise their NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers programs?

 Are motorcycle clubs authorized to use the NCTM or Navajo Code Talkers trademarks as part of their branding or club activities?